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 Schüler 1909 Eindecker
This high-wing monoplane was tested in late spring and summer of 1909 at the parade ground in Chemnitz, Saxony, after a public exhibition in April 1909. Schüler had completed his engineering studies there. It was probably inspired by the Demoiselle and was completed before Hans Grade had built his first similar "Libelle" in June 1909. The machine was not a great success and thus Schüler didn't appear at the first German aeronautical exhibition (ILA) in Frankfurt or the first meeting at Johannisthal in September/October 1909, but he was among the first who rented a shed at this newly built airfield. At the beginning of 1910 Schüler was busy working on a monoplane for Leo Lendner and building engines for Hanuschke and others in his "Max Schüler Aeroplan-Fabrik", which he had founded in his hometown Berlin in late 1909.

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