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Scott 1910 Purple Flier Airship
A Colonel J F Scott "flew" a weird contraption briefly in 1909 that was launched by towing it with a motorcycle. A Cincinnati paper on 3/31/09 reported: "The 'Purple Flier' Airship almost flew this morning when its inventor, Col J F Scott, took it out for a trial around the 500-acre field on the farm of Henry A Bobrink, but the engine failed to work properly. The machine also rose a few inches from the ground, but two of the four cylinders refused to work. Col Scott believes that with the machinery properly working the airship will fly. His machine weighs a little less than 1,000 pounds and has a 40 horsepower eight-cylinder air-cooled engine. The aeroplane is started with a motorcycle that is compelled to run at the rate of 25 miles an hour in order to raise the airship in the air."
Engine: 40-45hp water-cooled
Wingspan: 35'0"
Gross wt: 900 lb
Empty wt: 675 lb
Seats: 1

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