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SABCA-Julien SJ 1
The first aircraft of SABCA, the Sabca - Jullien SJ 1 is a thick wing monoplane, designed and calculated for an 8 to 18 HP 1500 cc engine by Henri Jullien, chief engineer of the design office.
Construction began on May 10, 1923, and three months later it made its first flight piloted by Charles Wouters, SABCA test pilot. It made a 58-minute flight at an altitude of 500 to 600 m.
A small 494 cc "Douglas" engine was fitted for its development period. The propeller required a chain reduction gear which absorbed 15 to 20% of its already low power of 5 CV.
SABCA registered it O-BAFF (certificate n°83) on July 26, 1923 as a tourist and sport aircraft, under the name "SABCA-Jullien".
The performance was insufficient. At the beginning of September, SABCA assembled a Salmson three cylinder engine of 16 hp. The first tests are encouraging and mass production is planned.
A second SABCA-Jullien, serial number 1A, was built. It differed from the SJ 1 by an increased wing area (21 m²), a landing gear raised by 50 cm, the back of the fuselage with an oval section, a new fin design and a more powerful engine. It was registered O-BAFJ (Certificate n°92) on May 15, 1924 as a tourist plane and made its first flight in April 1924. It participated with the SJ 1 in the low power aircraft competition of the Aero-Club of Belgium. The sports commission, in its meeting of July 3, 1924, classifies the SJ 1A, piloted by Crooy, first in front of the Castar, and attributes to it the Challenge cup 1924. As for the SJ 1, it is granted an incentive premium.
At some stage the SJ 1A received a Sergant engine.
SJ 1A with Sergant engine
The SJ 1 was canceled by SABCA on July 22, 1929.
SABCA sold the SJ 1A to Henri Jullien on September 9, 1926 who informed the Aviation Administration of its cancellation on January 27, 1933.
SJ 1
Engine: Douglas 495 cm³
Wingspan: 13.40 m
Length: 6.65 m
Height: 1.30 m
Wing area: 20 m²
Maximum weight: 280kg
Maximum speed: 85 kph
Landing speed: 39 kph
Fuel consumption: 4 lt/h

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