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Stinson M
Stinson Model M Serial number 32000, the only one built, was built in August 1932 at Wayne Michigan with a 240 hp Lycoming R-680-BA engine. It was of all metal construction and originally licensed in the Restricted category as NR12123. The engine was at some stage changed to a 220 hp Wright J-5.
Stinson Aircraft used it for making speed tests from Detroit to different parts of United States and Canada.
Stinson sold to the airplane in March 1934 where it was again used in the restricted category for advertising purposes at various air meets and races. The airplane was eventually purchased by William D. Gann (successful mathematician & investment broker) who used it to make crop/commodity survey’s – he named the airplane “The Silver Star”. Repowered with 400hp Wright as Silver Star for competition in the 1934 Nationals, but did not run.


Stinson Model M, NR12123, inside the Stinson Wayne factory 1932-33


Gann ended up in a battle with the Department of Commerce over licensing the airplane since it was never built under a Type Certificate or a Group 2 Approval. The airplane was eventually sold to Santos Melido Marte in Miami (former Secretary of State of the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic) and flown out of the US (without any US Customs approvals) on 11 August 1937 to the Dominican Republic. There is no record of the airplane after it left the US.



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