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Spainhour 1912 monoplane
The monoplane of James S. Spainhour, of Pittsburgh, PA, had an unusual device for securing lateral control. The wings did not warp, or only very slightly. They were fixed to the fuselage by a floating bridge, and the angle of incidence of the whole of each wing could be altered by the movement of a pedal, one for each plane. When the angle of incidence of both the wings is increased the machine pitched up. The machine weighed 497 pounds, had a triangular fuselage and a span of 34 feet 5 inches. It was powered by a 40 hp four-cylinder Kowalsky engine, which had a self-starting crank. Spainhour made several short flights near Pittsburgh on a six-acre field, and moved to Mineola, Long Island, to get more room.

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