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Soltau Sturmvogel / Schwingenflieger
The "Sturmvogel" was an ornithopter designed by Austro-Hungarian engineer Andreas Soltau. It was powered by a carbonic acid engine. It was a relatively large machine, with a span of 11 meters and a wing area of 30 square meters. It had an elevator at the rear, a birdlike construction, and the rudder in front.
The machine was not successful, as the flapping had a too low frequency to lift it off. Tests were made at Linz on 16 August 1909, which were highly published in the contemporary Austro-Hungarian press. After his adventure with the Sturmvogel, Soltau left aeronautics, but he can still be traced in patents dating from the 1920s, one of which features a hot-air engine.

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