Schweizer SA 1-30 / SAU 1-30
The Schweizer SA 1-30 was the first entry by Schweizer in the powered aircraft market. The 1-30 was not intended to be a motor glider, but rather a light aircraft utilizing some glider and sailplane technologies, common parts with other Schweizer designs and an affordable price as a result of using smaller powerplants. Removable wings, and the ability to be transported by trailer were also criteria for keeping airport-based hangar costs down.
The 1-30 shares the same wings and tail surfaces as the 1-26 glider. The fuselage is of aluminum construction with a welded steel tube tail structure. The wings are removable using the same design as the 1-26. The engine uses a cowling with exposed cylinders like a J-3 Cub for simplicity and cooling efficiency. Wing mounted spoilers were retained from the 1-26, allowing steep low-speed descents at about a 5:1 glide ratio. Three sets of wings were tested including a set (the third) from the model 2-31. An early configuration with the full length SGS 1-26B wings, fuselage and tails, cub cowl and Cessna 170 landing gear legs.
Construction of the prototype was started in April 1958 and first flew in July. The aircraft was tested as a glider aero-towing aircraft using a Schweizer SGU 2-22C. The single-place 1-30 was not intended to go into production, the two-place 2-31 was envisioned as the production model, but was also not produced beyond a single prototype.
The SA 1-30 was modified with a 4 ft (122 cm) shorter wing by simply clipping the length of the wing and aileron at the tips and a fully cowled more powerful engine, re-designated SAU 1-30.
The aircraft was painted twice; once a light tan & red with the second being the tan, green and “day-glow” orange.
Schweizer SA 1-30
Engine: 1 × Continental A65, 65 hp (48 kW)
Wingspan: 40 ft (12 m)
Wing area: 160 sq ft (15 sq,m)
Aspect ratio: 10
Length: 20 ft 3 in (6.17 m)
Empty weight: 700 lb (318 kg)
Gross weight: 1,100 lb (499 kg)
Maximum speed: 96 kn (110 mph, 180 km/h)
Cruise speed: 87 kn (100 mph, 160 km/h)
Stall speed: 33 kn (38 mph, 61 km/h)
Rate of climb: 1,000 ft/min (5.1 m/s)
Capacity: 1