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Schad 1927 monoplane
Built by German emigrate Adolph R. Schad, with partners Stacy Ashcraft, J C Bradley, Oscar Ford, Joe Kavecki, and (Mrs) A T Quattlebaum, to prove his unique, patented (#1,728,806) wing design based on Schad's research, as a baker-turned-boilermaker, of tubular strengths.
Built circa 1927, the aircraft was a single-place with a steel-tube frame covered with dural, with a war-surplus 80hp Le Rhône rotary engine.
The construction site was Schad's back yard and the date of the first flight is unknown, but the pilot was Cal Murray. It was flown successfully by Schad and others from Cleburne's Bluebonnet golf course and, later, Meacham Field, where on its second flight there the tail was broken. Unable to afford a much-needed more powerful engine, no repair was made on the plane and it was stored on a farm, finally dismantled and sold for scrap in 1941.
In 1942 the US government purchased the 1929 patent for possible use in the war, but what if anything came from it is unknown, as are data and performance specs for the ship.

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