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Santo 1912 monoplane
The Italian engineer M. Santo of Marseilles. France, designed this monoplane. Its streamlined circular cross section hull was made of wood covered with tarred fabric and was stated to be absolutely waterproof, allowing it to float indefinitely in the event of a fall to the sea. The fuselage of 7 meters length rested on a patented landing gear. The wing area was 16 square meters. The empennage of this aircraft was with two small surfaces on each side of the rear fuselage that provided lateral and longitudinal stability at the same time. Instead of being hinged, the surfaces rotated about an axis in the fuselage parallel with the direction of travel; they lowered or rose "like the wings of a bird", depending on whether the pilot wants to descend or climb. They could also tilt to the right or left to restore the lateral balance, or to turn the device. It was intended for an 80 hp Anzani engine, but the photo shows a Dutheil & Chalmers engine giving only 18 hp.

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