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Stroop AT-6
An AT-6 biplane conversion built in Selma, Alabama, by Robert C. Stroop, for use as a sprayer.
This aircraft, N6435D, c/n 88-17079, was an AT-6D originally ordered by the Army as 42-85295, but later assigned to the Navy as SNJ-5, B/N 84995. It was retired from the Navy, stored at NAF Litchfield Park, and then sold as surplus in the late fifties.
Requiring a low and slow sprayer in Alabama, Robert C. Stroop purchased the AT-6D and two more wings from AT-6, plus some additional fittings, and probably about 1964 converted the basic AT-6D into a biplane sprayer.
The airplane retained the basic configuration of the AT-6D, with only the cockpit and addition of the upper wing changing its appearance. The additional wing consisted of two outer wing panels from another airplane, and enough struts to stabilize the structure. The wing produced a negative stagger, probably to move the CG back so that the spray tank could be made larger, and a heavier load could be carried. Cabane struts braced the center section, and large “N” struts were installed outboard. Ailerons were interconnected by a smaller strut, and some bracing wires were installed between the cabane struts. There were no landing gear doors, and the cockpit was completely open except for the standard windshield. Only the front seat remained. The entire airplane was silver or unpainted.
With quite satisfactory takeoff and landing characteristics and a low stalling speed, it received a restricted certificate "only agricultural work".
The aircraft was operated from 1965 to 1970 (the last known owner - farmer J.F. Carter, of Monroeville, AL,), after which his fate is unknown.

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