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Sukhoi Su-38
The Su-38L is a Russian agricultural aircraft, the first aircraft of this type to be designed and built by the Sukhoi Design Bureau civil aircraft section (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (CJSC)). Design originally began in 1993 as a development of the Sukhoi Su-29 aerobatic aircraft. Development was suspended due to economic problems, and when restarted in 1998, the aircraft was redesigned, reducing the aircraft's size and replacing the originally planned M-14 radial engine with a LOM Praha 337S inline engine. The first prototype made its maiden flight on 27 July 2001, with a second flying by June 2002. As no users had yet expressed interest in the aircraft, the project was proceeding at a low pace.
Engine: 1 × LOM Praha 337S, 184 kW (247 hp)
Max takeoff weight: 1,200 kg (2,646 lb)
Capacity: 500L (132 US Gallon) chemical hopper
Maximum speed: 150–180km/h (81–97 knots, 93–112 mph)
Ferry range: 1,200 km (648 nmi, 745 mi)
Crew: 1

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