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Schneider Henri-Paul S.3


The Schneider Henri-Paul four-seater night bomber was built at Schneider's Harfleur plant in France. A four-engine biplane with sails supported on steel spars and a grid of aluminum alloy ribs. Equal span, the wings had a central rectangular section and external panels in an arrow. The fuselage was formed by a beam of dural tubes 55 mm in diameter assembled by riveted steel fittings. The front part of the fuselage received a metallic coating, the rear part being simply covered, supporting a fabric empennage. The engines were mounted in pairs on each side of the fuselage, installed in tandem in interplanetary pods, driving four blade propellers of 3.60 m in diameter.
This aircraft made its first flight in September 1922 on the Le Havre-Bléville1 site. It was exhibited at the Grand Palais at the 8th Aviation Show in December 1922, but the program for which it was built had been abandoned.
Engines: 4 x Lorraine-Dietrich 12Da, 370 hp
Wingspan: 30,0 m
Length: 19.89 m
Height: 6.10 m
Wing area: 220.0 sq.m
Empty weight: 6500 kg
Maximum weight: 10,020 kg
Maximum speed: 160 kph
Ceiling: 5,000 m
Range: 750 km
Armament: 2 machine guns
Bombload: 120 kg
Crew: 5
Number built: 1

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