Roberts Sport Aircraft Co Sceptre
Roberts Sceptre 1
The Sceptre was an original design of Larry Roberts and his Roberts Sport Aircraft Co. The original plans called for production as a factory-built aircraft, but this was later changed to kit form.

The company initially built a first single-seat prototype with a 48 hp Rotax 503 two-stroke engine, designated Sceptre 1. Possibly up to three prototypes were completed and reportedly also the 52 hp Rotax 532 engine was tested, and the first was flown in November 1983, registered as N254LR, followed by the second in 1984.

Two years later the Sceptre 1 was followed by a side-by-side two-seat prototype named the Sceptre 2 and although dimensionally very similar, it had a wide cockpit and an 85 hp Limbach L2400 engine. Further development of the Sceptre was halted.