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 Sellers Quadruplane

Built and flown by Matthew B. Sellers in somewhat different versions during 1908 and 1913. Engines used were a Kemp G-2 two-cylinder engine of 16 hp and an 8 hp Dutheil-Chalmers.
Sellers Quadruplane No.6
Based on his previous multi-wing glider experiments, the no.6 was originally was a glider with spring-actuated, variable-incidence wings. First flying on 28 December 1908, it flew successfully as late as 1927 with an economy of power, the largest motor being a 10hp two-cylinder Bates, the four positive-staggered wings of 36" chord provided more than 200sqft of wing area. One built, it was the most prominent of Sellers' 52 different designs in 22 years to 1914. Of note is a claimed feature invented and used by Sellers as early as June 1908, a four-wheel gear that rose automatically when the plane left the ground, with landings then made on skids. Aircraft empty weight shown in US Patent Office Gazette 11 July 1911 was 110 lb.
Quadruplane Number 6
Engine: French-made Dutheil-Chalmers, 8hp
Wingspan: 18'0"
Length: 12'0"
Gross wt: 250 lb
Useful load: 140 lb
Speed: approx. 20 mph
Seats: 1




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