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Short S.41 Hydro-Aeroplane
The original version of the S.41 was converted to a landplane and flown by Cdr R. Samson – also the pilot of its maiden flight – during the Army manoeuvres of September 1912.
With its floats restored, it started flying from the temporary seaplane station at Carlingnose on October 2nd 1912. In January 1913 it underwent an overhaul during which the centre section gap was covered.
In September 1913 it was overhauled again and the aircraft emerged completely different in shape, fitted with folding wings of greater span and a new rudder. In 1914 it was refitted with a 140 hp Gnôme and assigned to the Eastchurch flying school. In 1915 the S.41 was sent to the Aegean theatre and in 1916 was spotted at Inbros.
It was not included in the March 1916 list of naval aircraft and may have been destroyed prior to that month.

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