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Stout Metal Airplane Co 2-AT / Air Pullman
The Stout 2-AT (aka Air Pullman) passenger transport, was produced under the Ford aegis and wearing that company's logo, but built at Stout's Detroit plant and so named Maiden Detroit. First flying on 23 April 1924, it became the first plane for Ford Air Transport Service in 1925.
The next four planes were built at his new Detroit plant on Ford Airport and all named Maiden Dearbon, with appended numbers for each model (sometimes as Roman numerals), and the balance after Ford acquired Stout Metal Aircraft Co in Aug 1925.
Selling for $22,500, eleven were built. The first one to USPO and refitted with 500hp Packard, 5 to Ford's Air Transport Service, 4 to Florida Airways, 1 to retailer John Wanamaker.
Revised rudder, gear, stacks

A crash on 18 May 1926, of 2-AT-2 was the first fatal accident for a commercial US aircraft on the new CAM air mail routes (the pilot was killed; there were no passengers). It was determined the cause was weather.
The first use of the nickname, "Tin Goose," was found in a 30 December 1925, newspaper article. They were the predecessor of the historic Ford Tri-Motors.
Engine: 400hp Liberty 12
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Seats: 9 passengers

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