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 Rusjan EDA 1
After returning to Gorica, with his brother's help Edvard Rusjan built a motor biplane on the model of the Curtiss and Farman aircraft, which had been most successful in Brescia. In the fall of 1909, the Rusjan brothers began work on a powered airplane using a 3-cylinder, 25-horse-power. Anzani-model engine. The airplane was a canard-type biplane with paper covered wings, 8 m wingspan, with the larger part of the horizontal stabilizer forward of the wings.
Flight tests, however, fell short of expectations. By relocating the vertical stabilizer aft of the wings in what has evolved as the conventional configuration, they achieve success. On November 25, 1909, on the Mila Rojice Airfield in the neighborhood of Gorizia, Edvard made the first successful powered flight in Yugoslav Aviation history in his EDA 1 airplane.

Giuseppe and Eduardo replacing the propeller of EDA I (1909) 
The flight lasted about 10 seconds and Edvard traveled approximately 60 meters at a height of 2 meters. Four days later, he increased his distance to, 500 meters at a maximum altitude of 12 meters. Observers estimated that the airplane reached speeds between 50 and 60 kilometers per hours. It was a remarkable flight for Edvard - he was the first Yugoslavian to successfully fly an airplane.
After these two flights, all the Rusjan’s tests were transferred over a field called “Campagna Grande” (great meadow) by Merna.

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