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W. Seiffert Mini II
The Mini II, which was built by W. Seiffert until 1992, was designed as a minimum: with low engine power. The Mini II was 15,000 DM at that time. The production of the Mini II was discontinued in 1992.
With a hang glider wing (Schönleber Focus 18) power is from a 24 hp König three-cylinder two-stroke engine, with electric start. The battery was originally charged from a solar cell. In practice, however, the sunshine is far from sufficient to always have a full battery.
With the large surface area of ​​the Schönleber Focus (18 square meters) wing, thermal flying is possible.
The Mini II is officially approved for double-seater operation - as the only one yet.
The Mini II is very manoeuvrable thanks to the large wheels on the ground.
The fuel is held in 2 x 12 lt tanks, and the consumption of the three-cylinder engine is about 8 lt/ hour.
ALF (founded in autumn 2010, at the Altes Lager airfield, south of Berlin) has the rights for the construction and distribution of the Mini II and has been working on the successor since 2005. Markus Hanisch has taken over the construction and distribution rights from the DULV and is building the Mini II again in a modern form.
The older, somewhat slow Focus 18 surface (as in the original Mini II) from UL-manufacturer Schönleber is used. In the approval process is the Bautek Bico wing. The development has not yet moved beyond a prototype device.
Engine: König SC 430, 24 hp
Wing: Schönleber Focus
Wing area: 18 sq.m
Climb rate solo: - 4 m/s
Climb rate MAUW: 2 m/s
Price 1987: 15.000 DM
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