Russell Comet
In 1930 Jack Russell of Oklahoma built a high-wing monoplane, designed for beginners, named Comet.
All fuselage members are welded steel tubing, including the tail group. The wing is of spruce.
A speed test over 78 miles took 38 minutes, using 1 USG and 3 qts of fuel and less than a pint of oil.
The 1930 price of the Comet was $1750 with 35 hp engine, and $1000 without motor.
Engine: 35 hp
Wing span: 24 ft
Wing chord: 5 ft
Length: 21 ft
Empty weight: 407 lb
Fuel capacity: 12 USG
Oil capacity: 2 USG
ROC: 700 fpm
Top speed: 100 mph
Landing speed: 24-26 mph
Landing distance: 100 ft
Endurance: 4 hr 30 min