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RMI / Repülő Muszaki Intézet RMI-9 M/G
From 1943 the Air Force was gradually getting the Bf-109 advanced jet fighters (F and G versions), but it was not easy to get used to the tight and narrow track undercarrage. The Aero Technical Institute created the RMI-9 M/G specifically for the Messerschmitt pilots in training. The machine was designed with slats, so as to better mimic the Bf-109 flight characteristics.
Designed by Varga László, the RMI-9 M/G [or Me/G] Bf-109 pilot trainer was built but destroyed by US bombing in 1944 in the Ferihegy experimental hangar.

Engine: Argus As-411, 480 hp
Wing span: 9.5m
Length: 7.2m
Height: 2.3m
Empty weight: 1,100 kg
T/O weight: 1,480 kg
Maximum speed: 350 km/h
Range: 700 km
Ceiling 9,200 m

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