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RMI / Repülő Muszaki Intézet Varga RMI-1/ X / H

The RMI-1, also known as X / H, project was conceived to Műegyetem Aerotechnikai Intézetének, detachment of Budapest University of Technology and Economics and later became Repülő MUSZAKI Intézet (RMI), in order to create an aircraft able to use a new technology in the field of aircraft turboprop engines developed by engineer György Jendrassik.
The RMI-1was a twin-engine turboprop low wing designed by Hungarian engineer László Varga.
Made for operationally testing the features of the new turboprop Jendrassik Cs-1 aero engine, due to the complexity of the development of the engine the program suffered delays and radical changes arresting the development.
The Sóstó-built prototype, the only example, was re-engined with WM DB605s in 1944 but destroyed by allied bombing before flying.
Engines: 2 x Jendrassik Cs-1 turboprop, 1000 hp
Wing Span: 15.70m
Length: 12.74 m
Height: 5.50 m
Empty weight: 4,500 kg
Loaded weight: 6,500 kg
Maximum Speed: 540 km/h
Crew:  3

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