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Salvay-Stark Aircraft Skyhopper / Sport Aire II

Trefethen Sport-Aire II / TT-1

Trefethen Sport-Aire N3113G
Designed by George Stark as the Salvay-Stark Skyhopper, the prototype TT-1 (N3113G) with a 90hp Continental, was built by Al Trefethen and Art Thistle. It first flew on 9 November 1959.


Salvay-Stark Skyhopper 10 N41770
The 1946 Skyhopper 10 plans were marketed for home-builders with a 65hp Continental engine. Designed to sell for around $1,000, a prototype, N41770, was built.
The Skyhopper 10 design modified by Al Trefethen in 1959 as tri-gear Sport Aire II. Also seen under the company names of Avia-Boosters and Skyhopper, but still the same Salvay-Stark design.
It was claimed to be the inspiration for the 1948 Morrisey Nifty.
The Skyhopper 11 of 1959 two place version of the Skyhopper 10 had a greater span wing and 65-85hp Continental; also 108-125hp Lycoming. Registrations N197N, N4787T and possibly others.
Skyhopper 10
Engine: Continental, 50hp
Wingspan: 25'0"
Length: 18'10"
Useful load: 315 lb
Max speed: 130 mph
Cruise speed: 120 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 275 mi
Seats: 1-2
Skyhopper 11
Engines: Continental 65-85hp; Lycoming 108-125hp
Wingspan: 26'4"
Seats: 2
Sport-Aire II / TT-1
Engine: 125hp Lycoming
Wingspan: 26'5"
Length: 21'9"
Useful load: 475 lb
Max speed: 142 mph
Cruise speed: 128 mph
Stall: 62 mph
Range: 400 mi
Ceiling: 13,000 ft
Seats: 2





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