Sport Flight Sky Pup


Single-seat single-engine high-wing monoplane with two-axis control. Conventional tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; no separate roll control; control inputs through stick for pitch and pedals for yaw. Cantilever wing; wing profile; double-surface. Undercarriage has two wheels with tailskid. Wood/foam fuselage, partially enclosed. Engine mounted at wing height driving tractor propeller.

Announced in 1983, the Sky Pup is a development of Steven Wood's one-off ultra-light called the Blue Light Special. With the Sky Pup, the accent is on simplicity and low build cost; the aircraft is only sold in the form of plans, the company reckoning that the machine can be built for less than $1000 excluding power pack.

The design principle is to use foam to carry shear loads and wood to carry bending loads. Ribs and fuselage panels are cut from foam and then bonded to wood capstrips and gussets, with plywood covering for the lead-ing edge and dope and fabric covering for the rest of the flying surfaces.

Engine is a Cuyuna 215RR coupled to the company's own propeller via a reduction drive. Unlike most two-axis aircraft, the Sky Pup is not purely stick-controlled. The centre-mounted stick moves fore-and-aft only, to control pitch, while pedals are used for rudder control. The plans cost $50 in the US, $52 in Canada, $56 elsewhere.

Engine: Rotax 277
Empty wt.: 205 lbs
Max wt.: 400 lbs
Height 5’2”
Width 74”
Length 15’11”
Wing span: 31 ft
Wing area: 130 sq.ft.
Wing loading: 3.1 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 14.3 lbs/hp
Max speed: 61 mph
Cruise: 57 mph
Stall: 26 mph
Vne: 69 mph
Seats: 1
Vne 69 mph
L/D 12:1
Minimum sink rate 260 fpm
Takeoff roll 200’
Climb rate 450 fpm
Load factors +6, -3 G’s

Engine: Cuyuna 215RR, 20 hp at 5500 rpm
Propeller diameter and pitch 58 x 24 inch, 1.47 x 0.61 m
Reduction 2.3/1
Power per unit area 0.15 hp/sq.ft, 1.7hp/sq.m
Length overall 15.9 ft, 4.85 m
Height overall 4.3ft, 1.32m
Wing span 31.0ft, 9.45m
Mean chord 4.2ft, 1.28m
Dihedral 6.5 deg
Total wing area 130 sq.ft, 12.1 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio 7.4/1
Empty weight 195 lb, 88kg
Max take-off weight 400 lb, 181kg
Payload 205 lb, 93kg
Max wing loading 3.08 lb/sq.ft, 15.0kg/sq.m
Max power loading 20.0 lb/hp, 9.1kg/hp
Load factors design; +6.0
Never exceed speed 69mph, 111 kph
Cruising speed 55mph, 88kph
Stalling speed 26mph, 42kph
Max climb rate at sea level 450 ft/min, 2.3 m/s
Best glide ratio with power off 12/1