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Many airfoils have "mod" at the end of their designation. Typically, this means that either the camber line has been modified, the leading edge contour has been modified or that the trailing edge thickness has been changed.
Some common airfoil name prefixes and their designers are:
ARA - the Aircraft Research Association, Ltd. in Britain
Clark - Col. Virginius Clark of the NACA
Davis - David Davis, an independent airfoil designer
DESA - Douglas El Segundo Airfoil
DLBA - Douglas Long Beach Airfoil
Do - Dornier
DSMA - Douglas Santa Monica Airfoil
DFVLR - the German Research and Development Establishment for Air and Space Travel
DLR - the German Aerospace Center
Drela - Dr. Mark Drela of MIT
EC - the National Physical Laboratories in Britain
Eiffel - Gustave Eiffel, an early French aeronautical researcher
Eppler - Dr. Richard Eppler of the University of Stuttgart
FX - Dr. F.X. Wortmann of the University of Stuttgart
GU - University of Glasgow in Scotland
Gilchrist - Ian Gilchrist of Analytical Methods, Inc.
Gottingen - the AV Gottingen aerodynamics research center in Germany
Joukowsky - Nicolai Egorovich Joukowsky, an early Russian aeronautical researcher
K - Dr. Yasuzu Naito of Nakajima
LB - Dr. Ichiro Tani of Tokyo University
Liebeck - Dr. Robert Liebeck of McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing
Lissaman - Dr. Peter Lissaman of AeroVironment Inc.
MAC - Airfoils designed at Mitsubishi. During the 1940s, the designer was Tsutomu Fujino.
McWilliams - Rick McWilliams, an independent airfoil designer
Narramore - Jim Narramore of Bell Helicopter Textron
NACA - the US National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NASA - the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NN - Dr. Hideki Itokawa of Nakajima
NPL - the National Physical Laboratories in Britain
Navy - the US Navy, Philadelphia Navy Yard
Onera - the French National Aerospace Research Establishment
RAE - the Royal Aeronautical Establishment in Britain
RAF - the National Physical Laboratories in Britain
Riblett - Harry Riblett, an independent airfoil designer
Roncz - John Roncz, an independent airfoil designer
Selig - Dr. Michael Selig of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Somers - Dan Somers of Airfoils, Inc.
TH - Dr. Tatsuo Hasegawa of Tachikawa
TsAGI - the Russian Central Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Institute
USA - the US Army
Viken - Jeff Viken of NASA Langley Research Center

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