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Malmo Flygindustri
Malmo Forsknings & Innovations AB

MFI was founded 1959 as AB Malmo Flygindustri as a subsidiary of Trellborgs Gummifabric AB, with Bjorn Andreasson as designer. His independently-designed BA-7 developed as MFI-9 two-seat light aircraft, production prototype flown May 17,1961, license production by Bolkow as 208C Junior. MFI-10 Vipan short-field four-seater flown February 25,1961. Company acquired by Saab-Scandia in 1961 and evolved MFI-15 multipurpose two/three-seat military aircraft, flown 11 July 1969, later renamed Safari and then further developed into MFI-17 Supporter armed ground-support version, first flown July 6,1972.

Malmo Forsknings & Innovations AB founded by Bjorn Andreasson after original MFI. Produced MFI-18. Intended to put MFI-11 lightplane into production (first flown 1992) as modern version of MFI-9B, but program halted. Production of BA-14B lightplane (first flown 1988) was also then delayed.

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