Loening Aeronautical Engineering Company

Grover C. Loening built a monoplane flying-boat in 1911. Formed company in 1918, and built his first Air Yacht (based on prewar design). A two-seat monoplane fighter with very advanced features was ordered by the Government, but contract for 2,000 canceled at war's end. Produced very popular line of single-float, biplane flying-boats based on Air Yacht for civil and naval use.
In 1920, Grumman joined the Loenings as test pilot for their famous Air Yacht amphibians, and over the next several years, he took over full responsibility for the company's aircraft design.
The Loenings sold out their company in 1929 and backed Grumman in a venture of his own.
Merged with Keystone Aircraft Corporation in 1928. Built monoplane and biplane pursuits for the Army. After takeover by Keystone, Loening set up the Grover-Loening Aircraft Company at Garden City, New York, as consultant, and built small amphibian flying-boat XS2L for U.S. Navy in 1931. Delivered XSL-2 experimental submarine-borne version in 1933.