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In 1998 Laviasa acquired from the New Piper Aircraft Company of the USA the Type Certificates (CCTT’S) No. 2 A 8 and 2 A 10 issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) in 1998 and the Certificates of Type No. AV-0004, AV-9901 and Production Certificate No. A-0801 issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina (ANAC).
These documents give Laviasa the universal and exclusive rights for the manufacture of aircraft for agricultural use and other uses PA-25-235 / 260 (formerly called “Pawnee” and renamed “Puelche”) and its parts. These rights reach their possibility of exploitation of manufacturing use rights of said aircraft, to third parties in condition “Under License”.
Laviasa has:
All the relevant development documentation received from Piper: Certification Reports, Manuals, Specifications, Calculation Reports, tests and construction processes, etc. and more than 2400 manufacturing and production plans.
More than 900 pieces of molds, molds and templates
The responsibility, according to Annex 8 of ICAO for the assurance of the continuity of the airworthiness of all aircraft previously manufactured by Piper Aircraft and Chincul S.A. (from Argentina) “under license”, protected by the aforementioned CCTT’s and logically of all their own production aircraft.

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