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Edward H Lanier and son (Edward M)
Miami and Jacksonville FL, Covington KY.
(E M) Lanier Aircraft Corp
Marlton NJ.
The elder Lanier was also inventor of the ice cream cone, which he created while an exhibitor at the 1898 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Although he had a profitable business selling patented cone-making machines, his real fascination was with flight.
Lanier conducted a series of experiments 1928-33 to explore ideas on low-speed flight. The idea was to adopt the vacuum principle for inherent stability, especially at stalling conditions. Low speed was achieved by placing an upwardly-open concave cell ("vacuum cell") in the center section of the aircraft, most often blending into the fuselage. Slots were also involved. Hence reduced air pressure evolved in the cell which, of course, had a positive influence on the lift. Most Vacuplanes involved the University of Miami aeronautics department and its director, Prof F H Given, to some degree.
Relative US patents from 1930-33: #1,750,529, #1,779,005, #1,803,805, #1,813,627, #1,866,214, and #1,913,809.

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