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Verzilov, Vladimir N.
It is known that in the 1920s Vladimir N. Verzilov (Russian: Владимир Н. Верзилов) began work on the development of gliders in Simferopol.
In the late 1920s he worked together with AN Sharapov on the construction of a pair of gliders that participated in competitions at Koktebel.
He transferred to the Yeisk Naval Pilot School in 1934, working there as an instructor until 1937. On 25 May 1936 VN Verzilov was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
During his stay in Yeisk, Verzilov was responsible for the creation of four types of gliders of which three set national records. After dropping out of the Yeisk school, Verzilov worked as a test pilot.
Verzilov went on to establish several national records.
Verzilov gliders in Simferopol
”Piervieniets” - Competition (1927).
”Buyán” -Trainer (1928).
Verzilov gliders Yeisk
"Staliniets-2" - two-seater glider, record holder (1934).
"Staliniets-2bis" - two-seater glider, record holder (1935).
”Staliniets-4” - single-seater glider, record holder (1935).
"Staliniets-5" - long-range single-seater glider (1937).

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