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Wanke, Carl
Carl Wanke of Coswig/Anhalt, Germany, started in 1912 to build aircraft. He set up a small workshop and with help of local carpenters, technicians and other enthusiasts he constructed his first aircraft. That was said to have been projected as monoplane, but it was only able to move some 30 metres on the ground. Then Wanke rebuilt the wings and apparently created the biplane of 1912. It was tested with some hops, but after a somersault during the first public trial flight it was wrecked. In 1913 followed a classic Taube aircraft and the "published" single-seater sports monoplane in early 1914. At that time Wanke had moved his activities to the airfield Wittenberg-Teuchel, where he operated his monoplanes and a "three year old Harlan machine" until WWI ended his flying adventures.

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