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Transcendental Aircraft Corp
1946: Transcendental Aircraft Corp founded by Mario A Guerrieri, Robert Lichten, former Piaseski personnel).
Glen Riddle PA and New Castle DE.
Lichten had earlier worked for pioneer helicopter designers Dr Wynn Laurence LePage and Haviland Hull Platt, who initiated the study of a large tilt-rotor aircraft, an outgrowth of their XR-1 lateral twin-rotor helicopter.
1952: Sold interests to William E Cobey.
Lichten had moved to the Bell Helicopter Co seeking support of a major rotorcraft manufacturer in developing the tilt-rotor aircraft. He led the team that got Army and Air Force funding for the development of the XV-3.
c.1957: Holdings acquired by short-lived Helicopter Div,
Republic Avn Corp,
Farmingdale NY.
A Kellett Aircraft Co vibrations expert, William E Cobey, bought out Guerrieri and constructed the model 2, but continued funding could not be obtained—the government was by then backing the Bell XV-3—and the company ended operations in 1957.

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