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Waterman Airplane Corp

Ontario Aircraft Corp

Waldo Dean Waterman
San Diego CA.
Waterman built gliders in 1909. Waterman's first powered creation was built in league with Kenneth Kendall in 1910.
Waterman Aircraft Mfg Co
3rd & Sunset
Venice CA.
In rented space at the Crawford factory in 1919, Waterman—as Ontario Aircraft—specialized in building Hisso-powered JN-4Ds using surplus Curtiss jigs, most without specific designations or model numbers. He continued converting surplus military aircraft until joining Bach Co in 1927 as a pilot.
Ontario Aircraft Corp
Ontario CA.
Metropolitan Airport
Van Nuys CA.
Waldo D. Waterman of Santa Monica, California, produced in 1934 design for a two-seat tailless monoplane as a simple private aircraft.
Corporation formed 1935 to develop roadable aircraft with detachable wings and motor-car engine driving propeller by vee belts.
1939: Ended operations.
1947: Continued building various aircraft as personal endeavors.
In 1967 produced the W-11 Chewy Bird, his 11th design, as test bed for Chevrolet Con/air motor car engine.



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