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George W. Williams designed and built his first aircraft, a light monoplane, about 1908 and started operations at Temple, Texas, as the Texas Aero Manufacturing Company. With George Carroll was credited with development of first full monocoque cantilever wing (not flown). Only production aircraft Texas-Temple of 1928-1929. On Williams's death in 1929 company reorganized as the Texas Aero Corporation.


George Williams was a pioneer aviator who lived in Temple. He had built and flow his own monoplane called the Prairie Queen in 1910. Williams had been experimenting with aircraft design from at least 1908. Williams first aviation company was the Texas Aero Manufacturing Company, formed in 1911, which became in turn George Williams Airplane and Manufacturing Company in 1920. The Texas Aero Corporation of Temple became in 1928 the first Texas business licensed by the government to sell new aircraft. Begun with a $150,000 stake.
In 1911 Williams and others formed the Temple Aero Club. The club was based at Woodlawn Field, Temple, Texas. Its officers in 1920 were President, Eldon Kent Williams (Williams' newspaperman brother); Secretary-Treasurer, George W Williams; and Field Manager, Lieutenant Eric A Locking, ex RAF.
James Albert Jackson Carroll (aka George A Carroll), was born on April 4, 1902 in Belton, Texas and died on July 17, 1987 in Tujunga, California. Carroll had joined with the Williams' to found the Texas Aero Corporation; the first commercial aircraft fabricating facility in Texas.
George Williams, learned to fly but never took a pilot's license. His brother, E.K. Williams, publisher of the Temple Telegram, promoted the venture with a plane that delivered the newspaper by plane.
In October 1927 the Aero Club changed its charter to form the Texas Aero Corporation. Its purpose was to manufacture aircraft in Temple. At the time the Corporation commenced it had orders for six aircraft.
To increase the Corporation's capital in June 1929 it offered 100,000 shares at $10 per share in 1929. A 4-acre site was acquired at Love Field, Dallas for a new factory to replace its Temple facility.
Williams, aged 45, died in an air crash in August 1930, while training Clyde Moore, a student pilot. The plane had stalled at low altitude and crashed 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Temple near the hospital dairy farm. The Corporation folded as a result.
George Williams and Carroll designed and built the Texas Monoplane. In total 12 aircraft were constructed between 1928 and 1930 when the Corporation ended.
Texas Aero Corporation planes were registered as Texas-Temple and Temple.





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