Shin Tachikawa Kokuki Kabushiki Kaisha

New name from 1936 of Ishikawajima Aircraft Company Ltd.
Built for Japanese Army Air Force the Ki-9 and Ki-17 two-seat biplane trainers from 1935-1942 and 1935-1944 respectively; Ki-36 Army co-operation monoplane and its trainer derivative, the Ki-55 (1938-1944 and 1939-1943); the twin-engined Ki-54 multipurpose trainer-transport (1940-1945) and, under license as the army Type LO, 64 examples of the Lockheed Model 14 twin-engined transport. Other ventures included the Ki- 74 long-range pressurized twin-engined reconaissancebomber of 1944-1945 and prototypes of the twin-engined reconaissance Ki-70, Ki-77 and Ki-94 high-altitude "heavy" fighter. Company re-formed November 1949 as Shin Tachikawa Kokuki Kabushiki Kaisha. Built prototypes of the R-52 lightplane (first all-Japanese post-war aircraft) and R-53 in 1950s.