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The Butterfly LLC Super Sky Cycle


The Super Sky Cycle is a flying motorcycle. The Engine is a Rotax 912ULS 100 HP 4 stroke aircraft engine.
A 27 hp MZ34 two stroke drive engine allows the rear wheels to pull you down the road as a three-wheeled motorcycle with custom twin Exhaust & mufflers

The Super Sky Cycle is centerline thrust autogyro with a horizontal stabilizer on a long moment arm. The airframe materials kit has pre drilled locator holes that will have to be re drilled to size and some of the tubes will have to be cut to length. The kit is intended for the experimental category where you as the builder fabricate at least 51% of the kit for recreation and education. The cheek plates and various other parts are cut to shape and have undersized locator holes.

The front landing gear, landing gear support, joystick, and rotor head washer are made from 4130 Chrome Molly steel and they are heat-treated. All the parts are either powder coated or anodized in this kit. The tail is made using Kevlar.

Components - Standard Super Sky Cycle
Inst: ASI, ALT, Engine RPM, Water Temp, 2 EGT, CHT, oil pressure, oil temperature, & Hobbs.
The seat tank holds 7.5 gallons of fuel.
The Metro Launch System.
MLS Rotor Brake.
The G-Force Magnum Landing Gear.
The Airfoil Step.
The Folding Rotor System.
The Super Slider Rotor Head (helps eliminate stick shake).
Rotor Tachometer.
Chopper Style Handlebars.
Front & Rear Disk Brakes.
The Super Sky Cycle Kevlar Tail with Cadillac Style Bullet Tail Light & License Plate Holder.
DOT Rated Tires.

GFMLG Extension Selector
Pointed nose pod/windscreen
Motorcycle Type Windshield
Front Wheel Pant
Rear Wheel Pants(2)with Fins & Cadillac Style tail lights
10 Gallon Reserve Fuel Tanks(two 5 Gallon)Aerodynamic
Smoke System
Airfoil strut fairings kit
Gyro Recovery System (parachute)
Turn Signals

Optional Engine - Rotax turbocharged 115 hp

Highway Speed: 55 mph
Top Flight Speed: >85 mph (Turbocharged SSC 100 mph)
Recommended pilot weight: Up to 270 lbs
Warp Drive 3 blade 68” propeller.
Height (68” propeller): 8’6” or 7’ 10”
Length: 14’ 8”
Width: 72"
Weight: 700 lbs. (standard kit)



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