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Neumann/ Reich ULF-1


The ULF-l is a German design of classic wood and fabric by Dieter Reich and Heiner Neumann. It resembles some of the old designs like the Grunau Baby, but has an empty weight of only 100 pounds. It first flew in November 1977 and has made many excellent flights. Approximately 140 plan sets have been sold and about 40 aircraft are under construction. Plans are available from Dieter Reich. Cost of the plans is DM460.00 (about $266 US as of June 22, 1997). The plans are very detailed and have received an airworthiness certificate from the German authorities. The best L/D is 16-18:1 and the minimum sink rate is about 160 fpm. The ULF-1 climbs well and handles well. The structure is every bit as complicated as the Carbon Dragon, but results in a good foot launcher when complete.




Wing span: 10.4m
Wing area: 13.4sq.m
Empty Weight: 45kg
Gross Weight: 120kg
Wing Load: 8.96kg/sq.m
Aspect ratio: 8.07
Airfoil: FX 63-137
L/DMax: 15 50 kph
MinSink: 0.80m/s 40kph
Loading: +6g / -4g
Flying speed: 32 - 70 kph
Seats: 1



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