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1966 Formula 1 Racer Pusher Type Experimental



This is a 1966 formula 1 racer pusher type experimental, the aircraft is a stressed skin design with cantilever wing construction and twin booms to accomodate pusher engine and conventional landing gear. The entire airframe components, internal structure, and all skin surfaces are made from 2024-T3 alclad aluminum, wingspars are of 2024 -T3 aluminum web with extruded spar cap top to bottom.The cockpit area is formed of half hard aluminum.The canopy is formed of plexiglass, all fittings are welded chromoly, all flight controls are cable operated except ailerons these are push type controlled.Engine is a O-200 or C-85.

It was built for the Goodyear races, by three engineers who passed away together in an airline accident and the aircraft was never finished or flown.

Henry Guantt later purchased this aircraft from a Mr. Watts in 1973.




This aircraft was then aquired by a father and son team around 2006 for the purpose of fixing and flying the aircraft but that never came to be because the father passed and they never got to finish this project. Around 2012 the craft was again on the market, hoping someone could dedicate the time to it and fly it. This included all of its documentation and specs and all of the parts to complete it except the engine but including the pusher type propeller.




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