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Unidentified / UFO One



This cabin monoplane, possibly a homebuilt job, looks like it was scaled up from a flying model. It is all straight lines and simplicity, but its fixed taildragger undercarriage has a tailwheel, and spats cover the mainwheels, The tall narrow-chord fin and rudder is strut-braced, and the aerofoil-shaped cockpit cover sits atop a squaresection fuselage. The upright four-cylinder inline air-cooled piston engine in the nose drives an adjustable-pitch two bladed metal propeller. Although the aircraft is finished in a two-tone scheme it carries no markings to reveal either maker or registration, apart from an indecipherable emblem in a square on the fuselage side, in line with the wing trailing edge, and another small and even more indistinct logo on the rudder. The flat grassland offers no clues at all as to whereabouts, and it is even difficult to date the picture, which is just as likely to have been taken in the 1930s as the 1950s.


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