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Platzer S-24 Kiebitz


Based on the 1927 Focke-Wulf S-24 "Kiebitz", the modern Kiebitz was designed by Michael Platzer and has been available as an UL-biplane kit since 1984. Almost 300 Kiebitz biplanes had been built by homebuilders throughout the world.

Various engine options have flwon, including Rotax 2 and 4 stroke, Limbach 2000, Sauer 2100, Nissan MA12, and English buiilt 100 hp Mid-West rotary.

Engine: Nissan MA12
Seats: 2 Tandem
Wing Span: 7,6 m
Wing Area: 18,3 sq.m
Length: 6,9 m
VNE: 77 kts
Cruise: 60 kts
Stall speed: 38 kts
Empty Weight: 220 kg / 485 lbs
Max. take-off weight: 472 kg



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