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Light Miniature Aircraft LM-5 Super Cub


LM-5X Super Cub

Designed by Fred McCallum, LMA’s LM-5X-W Super Cub is a full size, exact scale replica fashioned in wood. It conforms to the new LSA rules and first flew in 1991. A two place tandem, it may be built to conform to the New LSA Rules, with a Rotax 65 HP 582 Engine up to and including a 90 Continental or equivalent. The Kit is a materials kit, but most of the metal parts are cut from Aluminum Extrusions, making fabrication very fast and inexpensive, with no welding (except for the Engine Mount).

All of the Light Miniature Aircraft Manuals, are approximately 200 pages. Each manual has step-by-step instructions, for each section of the plane, as well as figures, drawings and full size templates to guide the builder through the building process. Each manual also comes with a complete set of full size plans for the fuselage and tail feathers as well as full size templates for the wing ribs, landing gear and items such as the wind shield.
The wooden planes are constructed in the same manner.
Plans and manuals are still available for our metal planes, however, due to rising aluminum costs and availability problems, Light Miniature Aircraft no longer supply kits for the air frames of the metal planes. Some partial kits, for items like the controls or landing gear were still available.

Engine: Rotax 582, 65 hp.
Speed max: 100 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Stall: 38 mph.
ROC: 750 fpm.
Take-off dist: 300 ft.
Landing dist: 300 ft.
Fuel cap: 10 USG.
Weight empty: 620 lbs.
Gross: 1025 lbs.
Height: 6.58 ft.
Length: 22.58 ft.
Wing span: 35.16 ft.
Wing area: 178 sq.ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: tail wheel.
Tube and fabric.

Engine: Rotax 582, 65 hp
HP range: 65-75
Cruise: 80 mph
Stall: 42 mph
Range: 290 sm
Rate of climb: 750 fpm
Takeoff dist: 350 ft
Landing dist: 400 ft
Fuel capacity: 12 USG
Empty weight: 775 lb
Gross weight: 1275 lb
Length: 22.6 ft
Wing span: 36.1 ft
Wing area: 178 sq.ft
Seats: 2 tandemCockpit width: 27 in
Landing gear: tailwheel




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