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The beginnings of the company dated to 1908, when Inglis M. Uppercu began to finance aeronautical experiments by a small firm at Keyport, New Jersey.
In 1914, Aeromarine Corp itself was founded at Keyport with Uppercu as president. Aeromarine built mostly military seaplanes and flying boats, the most significant of which were the models 39 and 40. The company broke new ground in aviation by offering some of the first regularly scheduled flights. Aviation promoter Harry Bruno worked with Aeromarine to commercialize the transportation potential of airflight.
1914: Renamed Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co (fdr: Inglis M Uppercu);
1917: Relocated to Keyport NJ.
1920: Aeromarine West Indies Airways Inc, Key West FL, established.
After the war, converted D.H.4s, built 25 Martin bombers (completed winter 1923/24) and undertook flying-boat conversions for civil use.
In 1923 built metal-hulled flying-boat and biplane mail-carrier.
1921: Became distributing agent for $4 million surplus USN aircraft and motors.
1924: Ended aircraft operations, and established Healey-Aeromarine Bus Co, Nutley NJ.
1928: Formed as a component of Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co Inc. to begin aircraft production as (Frank) Boland Aeroplane Co, Newark NJ; acquired manufacturing rights to Klemm L.25 and the name, Aeromarine-Klemm, came into use. The firm renamed itself Aeromarine-Klemm Corporation in 1929 and began producing mostly Klemm aircraft designs, until the Great Depression forced its closure in 1930.
1931: Receivership (assignor W L Dill), with employees reorganizing as Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co.
The firm also built aero engines.
1935: Assets sold to Burnelli Aircraft Corp.
1936: Engine rights sold to Lenape Aircraft & Motors Inc, Matawan NJ.
1937: Design briefly revived by Keane Aircraft Co, Keyport.

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